Sunday, September 18, 2011

Appeal to Join Struggle with Maruti Workers in Manesar

After having terminated 11 workers and suspended 10 on 29th August, 28 more workers have been suspended on 30th August by an adamant management/owners of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, IMT Manesar (Plot 1, Phase 3A) leading to a total of 49 workers being shown the door on fabricated charges of go-slow action in production and supposed ‘indiscipline’ by workers. Gun-totting police force of around 500, along with bouncers on the payroll of the company still occupy the factory. A lumpen force flush with the company’s money threaten workers on dharna outside and harass us even in the areas of residence nearby. We are forced to acknowledge that this is the real face of the company’s slogan “way of life”.

After the 13-day strike in June (4th-16th) this year and the interim agreement between the company and workers on 16th June, the management has been relentlessly harassing the workers who have dared to raise their voices. That the demand for Union formation and workers’ rights forged through an unprecedented unity among the around 1200 permanent and over 2500 contract workers inside the factory have only increased, is not acceptable to the company which has its hands full of blood having crushed the workers' movement in the Gurgaon plant in 2000-01. That all workers in this industrial belt, and almost all Unions, independent and affiliated, have and are continuing to express solidarity with the workers of Maruti is a threat to the bosses and the rulers.

As the struggle continues, We appeal to all to lend support and solidarity to the workers of Maruti Suzuki in the coming days. The workers and Unions in the industrial belt of Gurgaon-Manesar-Dharuhera-Bawal in Haryana stand in solidarity with us and many from across the country have also expressed solidarity.
We appeal to all to join us.


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