Thursday, November 1, 2018



            Women have to face different forms of inequality, exploitation, harassment and oppression in their lives. #MeToo movement has given women an opportunity to speak out against rampant incident of sexual harassment at workplaces but this is not a complete victory. An intensive women’s movement against anti-women and exploitative social, economic, cultural and political is must be needed. In this regard, we are initiating a 21-Point Charter Campaign as a step in building such a radical movement. These demands are not just put forward to the present government and state, but instead seek our rights from the society itself. We are trying to give an organized from to women’s needs and desires through these demands. Already struggle on many more demands of women and other oppressed-exploited sections of society is being waged. We will organize women on these demands, to ensure that a society based on justice and equality can be built and where emancipation of women as well as other oppressed and exploited sections can become a reality. Come, let us become a part of the campaign.

Our Demands:
  1. Ensuring women’s safety should be the primary duty of every government.
  2. Equal pay for equal work should be ensured.
  3. Hostels for working women should be built in all cities.
  4. Provision of water facility through pipelines and residence facility for all should be ensured.
  5. Creche facilities should be provided at all workplaces.
  6. Representatives of women workers in Anti-sexual Harassment Committees at workplaces should be ensured. Immediate action should be taken by police on any complaint lodged by women workers.
  7. Transportation facilities for women should be provided in proportion to their numbers. All demands of the unions of ASHA, Anganwadi workers and Nurses should be fulfilled.
  8. Conveyance facilities should be provided to women workers to and from their respective workplaces.
  9. Right to Education and Employment must be ensured for all women.
  10. Colleges with facilities at par with institutions like DU and JNU should be opened in all cities of the country. Regular Colleges should be ensured for all desirous students currently studying in correspondence mode of all Dual-Mode universities.
  11. Room Rent Regulation Act should be strictly implemented in all the cities of the country.
  12. CCTVs should be installed in all Police Stations to monitor Police Personnel.
  13. According to the recommendations of Justice Verma Committee, anti-women and anti-people Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) should be repealed.
  14. Wages for all domestic workers should be ensured as per Minimum Wages Act, 1948.
  15. Coercive sex(marital rape) with wife by husband should be criminalized.
  16. All financial, residential and employment facilities should be extended to those women and girls who want to live outside their families.
  17. Portrayal of women as objects of consumption in media, movies and advertisement should be stopped. Fashion shows, beauty contests and pornographic videos should be critiqued, boycotted and eventually banned.
  18. Imposition of dress codes on women workers and students should be stopped.
  19. Practices of buying sex by paying money (Paid-Rape, Prostitution) should be put an end to and all prostitutes should be provided alternative employment. Immediate action should be taken by police on any complaint of sexual violence reported by prostitutes.
  20. Trafficking of women and girls (Human Trafficking) should be stopped.
  21. Anti-women activities of khap panchayats, casteist and communal organizations should be stopped.
Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS)

For joining our campaign, please contact: +91-7289866938, 8368963141

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