Sunday, September 18, 2011

Solidarity Letter to Maruti Workers from ITI-Polytechnic Students’ Committee - Krantikari yuva sangathan (KYS), Hariyana

     Krantikari Yuva Sangathan(KYS)
All India Revolutionary Youth Organization, Haryana State Committee.
ITI-Polytechnic Students’ Committee,
Munshi Premchand Library, Dharodi, Distt. Jind, Haryana.
Ph. :07206621090
 Comrades  Red Salute, 

We, the students of ITI and Polytechnic institutes of Haryana, heartily congratulate you for the struggle you have waged against the oppressive, unjust and adamant Maruti Management and extend revolutionary greetings to your struggle. We have been following the struggle you have waged through strike and other means for the legitimate demands for the last four months, are in constant touch with it and getting inspiration from it.  We are well aware that we will be joining the factories in one or two years and we will be facing the same oppressive conditions that you are fighting against, whether it is a question of low wages, long working hours, unequal pay for the same work, or the question forming the union. Thus if your struggle attains victory, it will be a victory not only for you but it would a victory for the future of many of the students who are studying in ITI and Polytechnic. We are also aware that the Maruti Management is trying all legitimate-illegitimate means to weaken your struggle. They are enrolling new recruits to continue with the production on the one hand and weaken your struggle on the other.
We assure you that until the Maruti Management agrees to concede on your demands and our struggle is victorious, none of the student will apply for job in Maruti industry and will not allow Maruti Management to hold campus placements in ITI and Polytechnic institutes. If we go and work in Maruti now it will not only be your defeat but our own defeat and it will be a setback to our future.
We, the students of ITI-Polytechnic, once again extend our full support to your struggle and hope that the victory will be ours. 
Inquilab Zindabad,
For Krantikari Yuva Sangathan(KYS),
ITI-Polytechnic Students’ Committee.


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