Sunday, September 14, 2014


While all the student organisations have released their election manifesto none have included the issues of correspondence students which constitiute more than 4,50,000 students in comparison with 1,50,000 students in regular colleges of University of Delhi. It is to be noted that correspondence students were the most militant lot among those protesting against the four year undergraduate programme(FYUP). Correspondence students initiated their struggle against the FYUP under the leadership of Krantikari Yuva Sangathan(KYS) much before than other organisations like AISA, ABVP, NSUI started criticizing the four year undergraduate programme. Many of the students organization like AISA, ABVP who claim to raise the issue of FYUP first were rather ambivalent regarding the issue of FYUP initially. They entered the movement much later.
Correspondence students under the leadership of KYS waged massive protests against the FYUP since it devalued their hitherto discriminated degree. It was KYS which from day one raised the issue of violation of National Education Policy(NEP). This can be well seen from our press releases sent to your esteemed newspaper. Correspondence students have created the most militant movement in last three years in Delhi University. It is to be noted that other students organizations have neither raised the problems of correspondence students nor provided solidarity to the cause of correspondence students.
The absence of the issues of correspondence students (like increasing number of classes, opening new colleges, bus pass facility, good library facility, exam reforms) from the manifesto of student organization not just reveals the electoral opportunism of the students organisations like ABVP, AISA, NSUI since the students of SOL cannot vote in DUSU elections but it also shows the intentional and active apathy of students organizations towards the correspondence students. We know that only 18% of the total students passing senior secondary education reach higher education. DUSU continues to remain irrelevant for a large section of students who do not reach higher education or who do not have the right to vote for DUSU. KYS condemns the indifference shown by student organizations towards the students coming from the most marginalized section of society.


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